• 型号: DYE-3000

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  • 型号: DYE-3000


Concrete pressure testing machine is a testing instrument used to determine the compressive strength of building materials such as brick, stone, and concrete. Be sure to read the instructions carefully before use. It is operated by ** experimental personnel to avoid injury caused by improper operation. For more information, please contact our customer service staff.


The concrete pressure testing machine is electro-hydraulic loading, sensor force measurement, digital display force value, printer printing force value data, and conversion of compressive strength. This testing machine complies with the ** standard "Standard for Experimental Methods of Mechanical Performance of General Concrete". It should be used to manually control the loading speed. Testing equipment. Provided by Shanghai Rongjida Instrument Technology Co., Ltd., the equipment warranty period is one year. If the product has quality problems within one year, the supplier is responsible for free maintenance. If due to improper operation or man-made damage, our company should also provide repair and replacement services, and the costs incurred by our company will be charged as appropriate.












Technical parameters of concrete pressure testing machine

★ A large load: 3000kN

★ Accuracy of displayed value: first level

★ A small resolution: 0.1kN

★ A large distance between pressure plates: 400mm

★ Upper and lower pressure plate specifications: 300 × 300mm

★ Piston diameter * A large stroke: diameter 290 × 50mm

★ Motor power: 0.75kW

★ Input voltage: 380V

★ External dimensions: 1400 × 500 × 1400mm

★ Net weight: 1000KG











★ 电气系统由电动机、启动按钮、停止按钮、交流接触器、熔断器等组成。

Introduction to the structure of concrete pressure testing machine

The testing machine is mainly composed of three parts: organism, hydraulic control box and force measuring instrument.

★ Host

It is mainly composed of upper beam, column, adjusting screw and hand wheel, pressure bearing plate, oil cylinder and piston. There is a movable ball seat between the end of the screw and the upper pressure plate. When the bottom surface of the upper pressure plate is in contact with the top surface of the test piece during operation, it can automatically adapt to the slight inclination in the height direction of the test piece, so that the two planes are in full contact with each other. Even by force. According to the size of the test piece, the hand wheel and the screw can be turned to adjust the test space appropriately.

A positioning wire frame is engraved on the top surface of the lower platen, which is convenient for placing the test piece in the middle position.

★ Hydraulic system

It consists of hydraulic pump, oil delivery valve, oil return valve, oil tank, oil filter and oil pipe.

The hydraulic pump is an axial five-plunger ultra-high-pressure pump, which is directly driven by an electric motor. A safety valve is provided on the oil delivery valve. The overload can overflow and play a safety role. By manipulating the handwheel of the oil delivery valve, the amount of oil in the cylinder can be adjusted to achieve the required loading rate. Opening the oil return valve allows all the oil in the cylinder and the oil pump to flow back to the oil tank.

★ Measuring unit

Including measurement and control systems, printers and pressure sensors. (See the attached "RFP-03 Intelligent Force Gauge Instruction Manual" for details

★ Electrical system consists of motor, start button, stop button, AC contactor, fuse, etc.














★试验结束,传感器应处于脱离载荷状态, 以保护传感器。 试验中执行打印时,若是打印纸用完,换上新的打印纸,按开关SEL键,再按LF键,打印机会自动进纸。


Note for concrete pressure testing machine:

★ The power supply voltage must be accurate when used;

★ The cable connecting the sensor to the host must not have an intermediate connector. If the cable is damaged, replace the cable and the wiring is accurate;

★ Must be operated in accordance with the procedures specified in the instructions.

★ It is strictly forbidden to lower the pressure plate (7) beyond the specified stroke of the piston during operation.

★ After a long period of work, the sealing ring may fail and cause serious oil leakage in the cylinder. At this time, the following methods should be used to replace the sealing ring.

(1) Remove the lower pressure plate and dust cover;

(2) Remove the seal ring and ring on the inner wall of the cylinder after lifting the piston with two M12 eye bolts

(3) Install new sealing rings and rings, and put them into the piston carefully, cover the pressure bearing plate, and keep their appearance smooth and clean when not in use, and do not bump, scrape or deposit impurities.

★ The shell of the pressure testing machine must be safely grounded. There are grounding screws on the back of the testing machine frame.

★ The calibration is performed by the metrology department, and users are not allowed to operate at will.

★ The pressure tester cannot share a power socket with a high-power electrical equipment.

★ The pressure testing machine should be placed in a clean place to prevent dust from invading and used in a working environment where the temperature is 10 ~ 35 ° C and the humidity is ≤80%.

★ After the test, the sensor should be out of load to protect the sensor. When printing is performed during the test, if the printing paper runs out, replace it with new printing paper, press the switch SEL key, and then press the LF key, the printer will automatically feed the paper.

★ Please do not disassemble the instrument without permission.





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