• 型号: LUV-II

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  • 型号: LUV-II


The UV aging test box is suitable for accelerated aging test by light water exposure to predict the relative durability of non-metallic materials such as paints, coatings, and plastics. It is especially suitable for observing the physical property damage of particularly durable materials, such as reduced gloss, haze, reduced strength, Powdering, cracking, blistering, embrittlement and fading.




Instructions for UV aging test box:

As with other accelerated laboratory tests, the test results of this device cannot be used instead of natural exposure to determine the actual durability of the material, but the comparative test conditions provided by this device can quickly evaluate the anti-aging properties of materials, screen or improve new and old formula Monitoring product quality is relatively practical.

As ultraviolet light is the main lighting factor that causes the durability of outdoor products to decrease, coupled with the relatively stable spectral energy distribution of fluorescent tubes and low prices, the ultraviolet light aging test box has become a widely used in the world with its fast, convenient and economic advantages Weathering test models. As a simple model, this device is especially suitable for laboratories with limited economic conditions.






Structure and working principle of UV aging test chamber:

The rotating sample frame design can well compensate for the uneven light radiation defects caused by many factors such as aging of the lamp tube and the difference between batches, which saves the heavy workload of ordinary instruments that need to periodically switch the sample position in sequence.

Since moisture is an important destructive factor for accelerated aging, this device uses water spraying to simulate the effects of moisture. By setting the spray time, it can be closer to some end-use environmental conditions, such as sudden temperature changes or mechanical erosion caused by rain.

The LUV type of the device can also adjust the rate of the photochemical reaction through a temperature control mechanism within an appropriate range.

In order to meet the rugged use requirements of the weather tester, corrosion-resistant stainless steel is commonly used in the structure of this device. Designed to be simple in structure, easy to use and maintain. You only need to pay a relatively low cost of use, so that you can understand the material damage that can form under natural conditions for a long time in a short time, and judge the quality gap between the test product and the control sample.












★试样转架回转直径:?189~?249 mm










Technical parameters of UV aging test box:

★ Total power: 1.25kw

★ Power supply: 220 ± 22V / 50 ± 0.5Hz

★ Time range of test time: 0.01s ~ 99.99s / 0.1h ~ 999.9h

★ Spray time timing range (double setting): 1s ~ 99min59s / 1min ~ 9999min

★ Test temperature setting range (LUV-II): 40 ~ 60 ℃

★ Nominal wavelength of UV light (light quantum energy) 313nm (91.5kcal / gmol)

★ UV fluorescent tube power: 0.02kw × 3

★ Rated tube life: 1000h

★ The diameter of the axis distribution of the tube on the turntable: 80mm

★ The closest distance from the tube wall to the sample: 28 ~ 61mm

★ Swivel diameter of sample turntable:? 189 ~? 249 mm

★ Sample turret drive motor power: 0.025kw

★ Rotating motor speed: 1250r.p.m

★ Rotating speed of sample turret: 3.7cp.m

★ Water pump power: 0.08kw

★ Water pump flow: 47m / min

★ Electric heating tube power (LUV-II type): 1.0kw

★ Specification of sample 75mm × 150mm × (0.6) mm

★ External dimensions of test box (D × W × H): 395 (385) × 895 × 550mm

★ Weight: 63kg













Note for LUV-II UV accelerated aging test box:

★ UVB light source with high irradiance level can greatly accelerate the test process, but sometimes it will cause aging damage to certain materials, such as excessive discoloration. Therefore, we should pay attention to this factor when judging the samples that are different from the control samples.

★ Do not use uncertified non-dedicated lamps.

★ Full-time duty personnel should be equipped to monitor the aging and safety status during the full test of the test.

★ The warehouse door must be opened or the lamp must be replaced with the power off.

★ When not wearing goggles, do not directly observe the lit UV lamp with the naked eye. To prevent skin burns.

★ If the water level drops significantly or the water level of the LUV type test box is shining, deionized water should be added in time to avoid the pump running in the anhydrous state.

★ The test area is not clean and does not use deionized water, it will generate water stains on the sample that hinder observation, and also affect the service life of equipment components.

★ During the entire test, the cooling fan on the electrical box should be ensured to operate normally.

★ To prevent inexperienced non-** personnel from randomly touching the random instrument.

★ Control samples should be installed in the axisymmetric position of the turntable respectively to obtain equivalent lighting conditions.

★ This device is a thin plate-intensive mechanism. Pay attention to safety and prevent abrasion during operation and maintenance.





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