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50KN撕裂试验机 50KN剪切试验机



适用于拉伸、压缩等多项物理力学性能试验,选配其他试验夹具也可对金属、非金属、复合材料及制品的拉伸、压缩、弯曲、剪切、剥离、撕裂等多项物理力学性能试验。试验机配置品牌电脑、中文WINDOWS XP 用户界面、菜单提示、鼠标选择操作,数据和曲线随试验过程动态显示。简单方便。是建材企业,大专院校、科研院所、质检局质检所、建工建材质检站等单位的检测中心检测设备。

I. Overview:

It is suitable for many physical and mechanical performance tests such as stretching and compression. Other test fixtures can also be used to stretch, compress, bend, shear, peel, tear, etc. metals, nonmetals, composite materials and products. Mechanical performance test. The test machine is equipped with a brand computer, Chinese WINDOWS XP user interface, menu prompts, mouse selection operation, and data and curves are dynamically displayed with the test process. easy and convenient. It is the testing equipment of the testing center of building materials enterprises, colleges, scientific research institutes, quality inspection bureaus of quality inspection bureaus, construction engineering construction material inspection stations and other units.



★大拉力5-50KN 大压力50KN 


★负荷精度:±1% 分辨率1/20000码

★速度精度: ±0.5%






★电源:AC220V  50Hz



2. Technical parameters:

★ High tension: 5-50KN Large pressure: 50KN

★ High precision sensor accuracy: ± 0.5%

★ Load accuracy: ± 1% resolution 1/2000 yards

★ Speed accuracy: ± 0.5%

★ Speed range: 1-250mm / min

★ Displacement measurement accuracy 0.1mm

★ Large deformation measurement range: marking line -1000mm (optional)

★ Effective travel of moving beam: 1000mm

★ Displacement accuracy: relative error of indication value ± 0.5%

★ Power supply: AC220V 50Hz

★ Overall dimensions 960 * 780 * 2300mm (length * width * height)

★ Net weight: 750kG























3. Features:

★ Load displacement curve; load, time curve; displacement, time curve; stress, strain curve.

★ According to the requirements of various countries on the test film, edit the corresponding test standards, fill in the test data, edit the test method, and make it available for future test selection.

★ Automatically save the test results, and edit them as report printouts. With formula editing function, you can compare multiple tested curves.

★ The number of decimal points can be set, each physical quantity unit and password protection.

★ Automatic clearing: the computer receives the test start instruction, and the measuring system is automatically cleared;

★ Automatic regression: Automatically identify the test vigorously, the movable beam automatically returns to the initial position at high speed;

★ Automatic archiving: automatic saving of test data and test conditions to prevent data loss caused by sudden power failure and forgetting to save the file;

★ Test process: The test process and measurement, display, analysis, etc. are all completed by the computer;

★ Display mode: data and curves are dynamically displayed with the test process;

★ Structure reproduction: The test results can be accessed at will, and the data curve can be re-analyzed;

★ Curve traversal: After the test is completed, you can use the mouse to find the point-by-point force value and deformation data of the test curve, which is convenient and practical for obtaining the test data of various materials;

★ Comparison of results: Multiple test characteristic curves can be superimposed, reproduced, enlarged, and presented for analysis and comparison of a set of samples in different colors;

★ Curve selection: You can select stress and strain, force time, strength time and other curves to display and print according to your needs;

★ Batch test: After the test with the same parameters is set once, the test of a batch of samples can be completed in sequence;

★ Test report: The test report can be programmed and printed in the format required by the user;

★ Limit protection: with two levels of program control and mechanical protection;

★ Overload protection: when the load exceeds 10% of the rated value, it will automatically stop;

Emergency stop: There is an emergency stop switch, which is used to cut off the power of the whole machine in an emergency state;

Automatic diagnosis: The system has an automatic diagnosis function, and regularly checks the measurement system and drive system for overvoltage, overcurrent, and overtemperature, etc., and immediately stops when an abnormal situation occurs

★ Test host and microcomputer operate independently.


50KN撕裂试验机 50KN剪切试验机


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50KN撕裂试验机 50KN剪切试验机



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